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The sub-reddit for ALL things Adam Lambert!!

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The best libertarian memes, macros, photos, jokes, and conversations on Reddit.

2015.10.28 05:11 Zodiacd Quantic Dream's Detroit: Become Human

This is a subreddit dedicated to Quantic Dream's 2018 game Detroit: Become Human.

2020.09.30 11:32 AutonInvasion AdR Celebs 99-103

AdR Celebs 99-103
In preparation for upcoming matches, I'm looking for submissions for the following celebs:
  • Diletta Leotta
  • Amy Adams
  • Marisa Tomei
  • Meghan Ory
  • Mini Anden
A big thank you for all submissions made so far and for your continued submissions. This is really helping me to hopefully bring you a great post-season cup.
Apologies that I haven't had time to respond to all submissions - I am seeing all of them and whilst I post my favourites, all are considered for the actual battles.
Here are my current favourites of the latest fantastic submissions - If you have further suggestions please also let me know as all will be considered for the match ups:

Elisha Cuthbert

Emmanuelle Chriqui

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Natalia Velez

Catalina Otolvaro
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2020.09.30 11:22 suwampert A new reader's thoughts on the S.S. Kengan Arc! Part 4 of Round 1!

Hello! I am back once again for my thoughts on this arc! As usual, this one is the cleaned version and I will be posting the unclean ones on the comments below!
Useful links!
Tournament Prediction
Part 1 (Imai vs Adam, Kono vs Akoya, Raian vs Mokichi)
Part 2 (Ohma vs Ryo, Gozo vs Wakatsuki, Sawada vs Reinhold)
Part 3 (Gizenga vs Meguro, Sekibayashi vs Kiozan)
Let's go!
  1. Yoroizuka Saw Paing vs Karo Yoshinari (Prediction: Yoroizuka Saw Paing) I predicted a Yoroizuka-win for three reasons. 1: Him and Gaolang Wongsawat has a past and seemed connected to each other, so I don't think the two of them will both proceed to round 2. 2: However, one of them MUST be able to survive round 1. 3: Gaolang Wongsawat is matched up against Kaneda Suekichi who has some narrative around him (being the one who won the representative match back on the ship) and I think Kaneda will eventually make it to Round 2, at the very least. So via process of elimination, I went with a Saw Paing win here.
This battle delves further into the politics of the Kengan matches. While we know that TEPC has a lot of foothold on the industry (since electricity is a necessity for corporations,) it is interesting here that even they can put pressure on agricultural industries. It's something that we can see in real life also (since I'm from a mostly agricultural country and land-grabbing is a real issue here.) I'm glad that that is reflected here, even as a background story for Karo.
The fight itself is good. As a fighter, Yoroizuka Saw Paing appealed more to me because of his big shonen-MC vibes. This feels like another shield vs sword story since Saw Paing managed to literally be wolverine with the adamantium skeleton. While Karo has big moments and hits that looked very scary, Saw Paing standing up always really scream protagonist to me. That panel where they think of the last sequence of attacks is genius, alluding to the quick thinking top-tier fighters do during fighting. I really enjoyed this fight. Probably my second favorite after Sekibayashi vs Kiozan fight. (Winner: Yoroizuka Saw Paing / suwampert 8-1)
  1. Nezu Masami vs Mikazuchi Rei (Prediction: Mikazuchi Rei) For me, Rei was given too much screentime and importance prior to Chapter 39 compared to that one panel of Nezu Masami. In fact, the writer went out of it's way to show that Rei's fighting style is one of the fastest as he annihilated the TEPC fighters in less than 10 seconds if I remember correctly. Even after Chapter 39, Rei's presence was always there, even just lounging around. His relationship with his CEO is also something that needs to be explored further.
The fight (or the chapters between the previous fight and the next fight) has subtle worldbuilding in it. It was mentioned that Kengan matches are not the only one which exists. Nezu himself is a crowned champion in one of them (though it didn't really matter.) It made me think: is the Kengan Association the group which has the strongest fighters? Maybe we can explore those others too sometime, like a mini-war arc or something.
Oh the fight? I don't think I need to say much about it because, well, it ain't much. (Winner: Mikazuchi Rei/ suwampert 9-1)
  1. Rihito vs Kuroki Gensai (Prediction: Rihito) OK, this is where my predictions really get hairy. I was predicting a Rihito win because, like Sekibayashi, he needed a redemption fight after losing to Ohma. He also has that vow with Sawada to seek revenge for him. However, he wasn't quite hyped as Sekibayashi before so I had my doubts when I was making my predictions.
I could see the battle go with a "blunt force vs. sharp edge" narrative as I thought Gensai's fighting styles involves his fingers becoming like a bullet that could punch through steel while Rihito's fighting style is literally named Razor's Edge. Narratively, this match focused more on the power gap between Rihito (the first official Kengan match for Ohma) and the rest of the top-tier fighters in the association. It explored a weakness from Rihito that wasn't shown during the earlier parts of the story. Being called Superman, he believed that he has the strength to stand toe-to-toe with the others, despite losing to Ohma. His battle with Gensai showed him that gap and that he still has a lot to learn and improve upon. The battle wasn't much but that panel where Rihito is crying is very important and I hope that this event humbled the fighter. I hope to see more of Rihito and his character development. (Winner: Kuroki Gensai/ suwampert: 9-2)

That's all maybe for today! Up next, we finally get the Setsuna fight, the Hanafusa fight, and Sen's fight. Hanafusa's importance to the story so far has upped since Chapter 39 (compared to Bando Yohei's appearance) so I think the fight will go to the doctor's side. However, I will not be changing my predictions and stick with it. I'll take the L with integrity if ever Bando Yohei lost.
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2020.09.30 11:13 danieltargaryean For sake of discussion, is it possible to find the Garden of Eden?

After Adam and Eve were banished, God placed Cherubim with flaming swords to protect the Garden of Eden. This has me thinking that maybe it could be possible to find. Assuming that the Pishon and Gihon rivers aren't dried up or destroyed, they could be identified, and the Garden of Eden found. I only assume it could be found because why else would God put Cherubim to protect it?
Although, I will say that I do not think any single person has ever or will ever see the Cherubim protecting the way into the Garden.
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2020.09.30 10:39 Russiadontgiveafuck I feel like after 35, our lives are too full to build something new

This has just been weighing on me, because it makes me wonder what exactly I can even be looking for.

So I'm 36 and I have been "seeing" (a situationship, I guess) a guy in his mid-40s. It's casual and fine, but it is just so, so hard to make time for each other. I feel like anyone who is single at this age has already build a full life with not much room left for someone or something new.
I have friends, and so does he. Friends we've been close with for years, who we want to spent time with. With a full-time, demanding career, there is hardly enough time left to see all of my friends regularly. Currently, two of them are mad at me cause I haven't been able to hang out in so long, and I don't even have that many friends! As for the guy, he basically only has time for me after he has hung out with his friends - he'll go to dinner with them or a birthday party or a show, and if he's not too far from my place, he'll swing by after. Or vacations! He goes camping with a group of friends once a month, I go on two yearly vacations with two of my friends - traditions that have been established over decades and have already been an issue in previous, serious relationships. Not much vacation time left after that. And I want a guy with his own social circle! I'd feel weird about a grown up with no relationship and no friends either, but having these established realtionships leaves so little time - and it's even worse if someone has kids!
Add hobbies to that. Even just the obligatory yoga takes away another two evenings a week. Taking a language class, another evening. Add family. I got four nephews plus three godchildren. He's got about 200 siblings, it feels like. We can't combine them into one big family, all the traditions have been established, I've been taking out my godchildren for milkshakes every sunday for years, I can't go out to the country to visit his sister with him just because he's been doing that for years!
And then there's work. I'm fully established in my career, with a good salary and benefits, all my training and education completed. There isn't much wiggle room now, I'm not changing careers to accommodate someone else's schedule anymore, I did all that bouncing around in my 20s. This is what I'd expect from someone my age, but it kind of makes it difficult to "start a life together."
And as I look around, this issue crops up basically everywhere. Take this guy as an example - although I certainly don't want to move in with him, there'd kinda be no way to do it if I wanted to. His flat is in a different part of town, would add a commute to my day, which I am adamantly against. He needs to stay there though, cause he's a musician and this place has chill neighbours and a chill landlord. My flat is wonderfull and in my favourite part of town, exactly where I want to be. Even just shit like... we both have accumulated a bunch of furniture over the years. It's not like college anymore, where all I had was a mattress on the floor, a fridge and a blender. Where does all my shit go, shit I've collected quite painstakingly and lovingly over the course of 15 years? Where does all his shit go? But I also wouldn't want a guy who at 45 doesn't have pictures on the wall and a sofa. We'ree grown ups and we live like grown ups.
And we've all had relationships before, consolidated our lifes with someone, and then it broke apart and we had to start anew. I don't think I want to do that anymore. In order to "build a life with someone", I'd have to first tear down the life I've built for myself, and as the past has shown, there's no guarantee that it'll last. I might find myself having to move in with roommates and sleep on a mattress on the floor again, only this time I'll be in my late thirties or something and the mattress makes my back hurt and if the roommates party I'll be tired at my high-powered job. And my friends will have withdrawn cause I couldn't make time for them during the relationship. And my family has new traditions. And the yoga class I quit is full now and I'm behind in the language class.
How does anyone do this? The last time I got into an actualy, serious relationship, I was transitioning in my career and not quite as secure in my living situation and family relationships, plus it hadn't been long since my last breakup and there was an empty spot. And that one still broke apart over the fact that we couldn't combine our life without one of us feeling like they were giving up to much - he had kids, and I felt like I had to make too many compromises because he couldn't. Am I too unromantic? Does everybody have this issue?
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2020.09.30 10:26 xbaaamx Should i make this Trade ?

Somebody offered me Bell for M. Sanders. I rejected it and offered him Lamb and Sanders for Bell and Godwin.
Should i take this in a 10 League PPR, Standart Scoring.
My Team:
QB: Murray
RB: Ekeler, Carson, Sanders, Robinson, Monty, Dobbins, Wilson
WR: Adams, Golladay, AJ Brown, McLaurin, Lamb, Deebo
TE: Fant
View Poll
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2020.09.30 10:10 BlaneyHeartsNolan So I’m stuck

I’ve been seeing this girl for about a month now Let’s call her E....Me and E met on tinder and from the start both agreed to basically be friends with benefits, we have gotten really close, we cuddle, go out...and sex obviously but that’s not all we do, we pretty much do stuff couples do, but not actually official or exclusive at the moment. but so far idk how to approach further, i wanna take the next step and want a relationship with her. But I also am a bit worried about pushing it because I don’t wanna lose a friend, as she was adamant about the not wanting a relationship at the moment thing, and I’m also afraid that if I wait much longer I might regret saying nothing. How do I approach this?
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2020.09.30 10:06 ShadyWithoutNumbers [H] Events [W] Paypal

Note: Willing to negotiate all of the listed prices.
Link to my pokemon exchange reference.
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2020.09.30 10:05 removalbot 09-30 08:05 - 'I'm not sure if it exactly falls under 500 pages (I only own the ebook), but Adam Zamoyski's "Napoleon : the Man Behind the Myth" is my favourite biography of that plucky Corsican.' by /u/animageous removed from /r/history within 2992-3002min

I'm not sure if it exactly falls under 500 pages (I only own the ebook), but Adam Zamoyski's "Napoleon : the Man Behind the Myth" is my favourite biography of that plucky Corsican.
Context Link
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Author: animageous
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2020.09.30 10:04 brokeycrokey Others offended I’d get sterilised for health issues

I’m 23F, have a yet to be diagnosed autoimmune disease and a tentative diagnosis of endometriosis (I don’t have the money for surgery to fully confirm) I also have a family history of drug addiction, mental illness, and heart disease.
I saw my doctor today because I’ve been bleeding outside of my cycle and in a strange way among some other symptoms that can’t easily be attributed to endo, especially without the surgery I need. My doctor is very concerned as they line up very nicely with cervical cancer, and is adamant I get a papsmear, obviously this was a bit frightening.
When I confided in my friend, she was entirely nonchalant about the situation, which I understand. But when I mentioned that if the situation is severe, either with endo or that low possibility of cancer, I’d push for a hysterectomy, she was noticeably upset. She told me I wouldn’t be able to have kids, as if I didn’t know a uterus was a key part of conception, and got offended when I explained my decision based on the fact I didn’t want to pass on my shit genetics, and that if one day I changed my mind and did want children I saw no issue with fostering to adopt, she was offended as if I saw breeding as selfish! She said that some people do want their own children? Of course they do, that’s the majority, unfortunately I would only be able to see myself as selfish if I had a little girl and that poor thing developed Bi Polar, endometriosis, or whatever autoimmune disease I have. If I myself find it hard to live in these circumstances, why would I be ok with potentially passing that on to someone I’m supposed to love?
I understand that it’s a hard concept for people to understand, but my health situation means I could be infertile, I may never be in a situation to come off the medication I take which is used in abortions, and my health may never see me in a position to even raise a child. I have never and would never criticise someone else’s life choices, it’s none of my business, but there is no reason to be upset that I don’t want babies! No one is coming after your right to reproduce, so let me have my own view of my personal situation!
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2020.09.30 09:37 removalbot 09-30 07:37 - 'Statisticians have been in the limelight recently because of the current pandemic. Here are 8 biographies of past heroes and heroines of statistics. The comics are illustrated by Adam Murphy who created the Corpse Talk...' by /u/tommyrandle removed from /r/history within 2222-2232min

Statisticians have been in the limelight recently because of the current pandemic. Here are 8 biographies of past heroes and heroines of statistics. The comics are illustrated by Adam Murphy who created the Corpse Talk books.
Some got up to some weird stuff! It’s also interesting how many made their names and progressed the field because of epidemics.
Context Link
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Author: tommyrandle
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2020.09.30 09:31 tvandbooksandtheory Happy Finale Day! (Spoilers s7 kinda)

Disclaimer: I really like s7 so plz don’t come to the comments to tear apart the season. There are plenty of other threads for that.
Hey reddit-kru!
Just wanted to say thank you all for being the smart, sassy, charming, kind, adamant, supportive, stubborn, imaginative people you are. Conversing with you has been a pleasure, and I’m not looking forward to the inevitable slow down of this sub once the show is over.
This was my first show I watched alongside a reddit and it’s honestly served me as something to obsess over while I distract myself from the stresses of the world and my life. So I can’t thank you all enough. Even the ones who downvoted me. Seriously!
I’ll be reading all your last minute theories until tonight!
May we meet again!
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2020.09.30 09:21 Significantfantasy I don’t know if I miss you or if I’m obsessed with you

I’m leaning closer to an obsession because I’ve missed friends before but I don’t think about them as often as I do you. I am ashamed of this because you don’t belong to me. I don’t want to feel this way. I don’t know why I think of you so often. I don’t have romantic feelings of any kind. Those died out long ago when the sadness kicked in. I just want to be near you, to see your face again, to talk to you. God, I wish I could talk to you again.... like really talk, how we used too.
Man, it was so nice to have a friend like you. You were always so kind, and you had a gentle spirit. Sure in the beginning I wanted more than that, I even said to you under different circumstances I would have like to be more. Though, after thinking long and hard about it, the timing was bad and we weren’t ready for such a union even if the timing was in our favor. I think that was the most depressing part of our friendship. Falling in love when one isn’t ready or willing. I would contest this constantly and deny deny deny. You on the other hand saw it for what it was and understood.
You had a better handle on things, you accepted it but didn’t let it break you, or our friendship we had. You understood and had enough self control to maintain a proper friendship. Me, well, I tend to run from my feelings. I know you’d often ask me questions about myself because my actions were often questionable. I could never give you a clear answer because I never understood them myself. I just know I tend to be avoidant because if I didn’t, I become very very attached. I don’t want to put myself in that position and I don’t want to be a burden to you either. Clingy is never okay. I am often clingy because I am incredibly lonely and I tend to walk a lonesome road. When someone lends me their ear, I will grab and hold on for as long as they will let me. I didn’t want to do that to you.
Things have drastically changed for us in the last 5 years. It has taken me a long time to realize I am never going to see you again and I need to let go. I try and I try, but damn, this hurts something awful. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, and it’s one hell of a struggle that I’m losing.
For a while I saw you car until eventually I didn’t, and it hit me that you were gone. I had a hard time accepting it and would often look for you, I even asked after you to a mutual acquaintance. I was told you left because you were offered a great opportunity and took it. It’s hard enough to know I can’t talk to you as much as we used to but it’s another kind of pain to know I’m never going to see you again. This hurts, stranger.
I hope one day I’ll see you again,
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2020.09.30 09:13 scarredbitch The “it won’t happen to me” mentality around self harm is beyond dangerous

You hear this all the time. “I won’t crash if I drive when I’ve had a few drinks. I won’t get lung cancer from smoking. I won’t fall off a building trying to do parkour. I won’t still have an eating disorder once I reach my UGW. I won’t gamble all my money away. I won’t take street drugs and become an addict.” Etc etc. We have this mentality of disconnecting ourselves from negative outcomes won’t happen to me? Wrong.
I never thought my self harm would go as far as it did. I never believed I’d cause permanent nerve damage. I never thought I’d have to deal with severe scars. I never believed I’d have to go to emergency to get fixed. I never thought I’d cause weakness in my arms. I never thought it would become my only coping method. I never thought it’d make me anaemic. I never believed stopping would be this hard. I never thought I’d be admitted to a psych ward because of harming. I was adamant it wasn’t as bad as people were telling me.
I fucking thought none of that would ever happen to me. Ever. But harming is so fucking risky. It’s a slippery slope. You go from just doing it a little bit to doing it a lot. You go from doing it every now and then to doing it all the time. You go from just breaking the epidermis to reaching the dermis to reaching the hypodermis to reaching muscles and tendons. You cause nerve damage that cannot be repaired. You believe harming will only help, nothing bad will happen. You think you can stop and move on with your life once you’re feeling better.
All of a sudden everything you thought would never happen to you will happen. I really beg you be so fucking careful. This isn’t a game, this isn’t fun, this isn’t helping. Get proper help before your whole life revolves around hurting yourself. Don’t let yourself live like this. This is not okay.
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2020.09.30 09:08 stoner-lord69 My delusional egomaniacal narc egg donor

So the title says it all. My egg donor is quite obviously an undiagnosed full blown narc to the nth degree. My stepdad is equally narcissistic I'll get to him later. She refuses to EVER admit she's wrong to the point where she'll say the stupidest most obviously not true things just to protect her massively fragile ego from admitting she's wrong. She knows nothing about the law yet has literally told me that the info a cop told me about the castle doctrine was wrong because she didn't like the fact that I was hypothetically talking about killing a person who broke into my home.
She defends my abusive asshole bully of an older brother to the point that she literally threw a tantrum that I called the police on him after he assaulted me. She REFUSES to hear a word against him & if she witnessed his bullying behavior she makes excuses like "oh he loves you very much he's just frustrated that you won't make the right choices." If she wasn't physically present 4 his antics she shouts over me then hangs up the phone.
She's never once actually willingly acted like even a halfway decent parent she throws a massive screaming fit if I ask her to do a tenth of the bare minimum of a halfway decent parent then acts like she deserves a parent of the year award for "doing so much for you." In HS I got suspended for defending myself against a bully that was pushing me yet not only did she NOT fight the suspension she forced me to do housework the whole time because "it's bad to be suspended." Yet whenever I call her out on not sticking up for me she points out that she "made sure the paperwork told the true story," & acts like she's parent of the year for doing that. No matter how nicely I ask for something regardless of how small it is or how much I smile & say thank you she screams about how I'm "so ungrateful" & she "does so much for me" & how I "expect her to drop everything at a moment's notice & come running the second I call." She CONSTANTLY throws a screaming fit about how I'm "controlling" & "abusive" & every time I get mad at her "she did nothing wrong & I'm mad for no reason & I'm bullying & verbally abusing her."
She's demanded I give her my money that I earned from working just because I was staying in her house & when I was awarded disability she forced me to appoint a person other than myself to handle my money or she was going to throw me out. She harassed me about how I needed to find my own place to the point I had an anxiety attack bad enough that I had to hospitalize myself then threw me out of her house because I'd gone to the hospital. Even though she left me homeless she continuously harassed me about finding my own place & tried to force me into a financially unsustainable apt just because I needed permanent housing & refused 2 accept no for an answer then spent the next few months constantly pitching a fit about how I "was making no effort to find a place."
She controlled my money to the point that she refused to even let me buy clothes, she just kept insisting that I had clothes even after I told her exactly what I had & couldn't be convinced otherwise until she herself saw the very small pile of clothes that I owned. She forced me to spend all day outside in 11 degree weather dressed in clothing that wasn't warm enough for 50 degree weather & refused to let me spend my money on warm clothes then turned around & threw a daily fit that I wore the same jackets every day. When my friend gave me a warm coat to wear she threw a massive screaming fit because it was winter camo & she "didn't want me to wear camo" & forced me to give the coat back. She acts like doing someone a favor makes that person immune to criticism yet when I stayed in her garage she refused to let me into the house w/o harassment to the point I couldn't even use the bathroom or do my daily grooming tasks w/o her harassing me. Anytime I tried to talk to her about her behavior she called me ungrateful & demanded I shut up or she was going to throw me out. Even to this day she throws a tantrum & hangs up on me or runs away anytime I confront her on her behavior. I've told her for months now that her being in charge of my money is the only reason she's still in my life & I'm going to disown her if she doesn't change but all she does is throw another tantrum about how I'm "controlling & abusive" for making that ultimatum.
I have an apt of my own & am my own guardian yet she refuses to stop pitching a fit that I won't let her 100% control my life. When I decided to get roommates a few months ago she pitched a tantrum of epic proportions that has yet to cease. No matter how much I tell her to stop harassing me she refuses to stop, she just keeps pitching her fit & insists on continuing to slander 1 of my roommates. My apt complex has been breaking dozens of fair housing laws & harassing me & discriminating against me like crazy yet rather than show me an ounce of emotional support she just continues her tantrum insisting that I'm going to get kicked out even though multiple lawyers have told me otherwise. She & my stepdad cost me getting a chance to say goodbye to my grandfather before he died. I came to them & told them I had been raped & my stepdad bitched me out for interrupting his TV show & my mom spewed a bunch of bullshit about how I was wrong & I hadn't been raped which caused me to have a meltdown bad enough I had to hospitalize myself. I got out of the hospital an hour after my grandfather died yet was forced 2 apologize for my meltdown for the sake of my egg donors & stepdads massive egos. When I tried to kill myself a few months later because I was grieving so hard my egg donor just kept repeating how the attempt was never going to be successful & I was faking it for attention. When I was stabbed a few months ago my egg donor just threw a tantrum that I was around the guy who stabbed me & blamed my roommate for me being there. When I told her it was a complete accident & I'd made up with the guy who did it she threw a tantrum about how the person who did it deserved to be in jail & it "wasn't an accident." My stepdad who hadn't talked to me in months couldn't even be bothered to put his pathetic ego aside for 30 seconds to contact me himself & let me know he was glad I was ok. He told my egg donor to tell me.
These are just a few examples of their behavior. I have many more stories about their bullshit but thankfully I'm VLC & am just waiting to get control of my money away from her then I'm going to let them have it no holds barred & cut them out of my life for good. They've had dozens of chances to change but have adamantly refused making it crystal clear to me they never will.
Edit: by hypothetically talking about killing a person that broke into my home I mean that I was telling her that in the hypothetical scenario that a person broke into my home under the castle doctrine I'm legally justified in using lethal force to defend myself. She was insisting that I was wrong then hung up on me when I pointed out that she was literally insisting that she knows more about the law than the police.
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2020.09.30 09:06 rfsql CD Project Red CP2077 crunch: a bad sign for Stadia release date?

Looks like CD Projekt Red are once again reluctantly resorting to a 6 week mandated crunch ahead of launch.
Quote from Adam Badowski in Bloomberg article:
I know this is in direct opposition to what we’ve said about crunch. It’s also in direct opposition to what I personally grew to believe a while back -- that crunch should never be the answer. But we’ve extended all other possible means of navigating the situation.
Is this a worrying sign for the Stadia release date slipping further and faster than on other platforms? It would not be surprising to me that if they're prepared to fall back on crunch, despite being vocally against the practice, that they're up against it enough to tip them towards prioritising work on the more high profile platforms.
Speculation on my part, but I'd rather fear the worst than hope for the best and be disappointed.
Edit: ah, just spotted someone posted something similar already. That'll teach me for forgetting to sort by "new"!
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2020.09.30 09:00 zuchinniweenie Season 13

I watched Degrassi religiously until Cams suicide (it hit too close to home when it aired.) Now in a rewatch of the series, I’m seeing this season for the first time. Between fucking clares cancer Adams death Zoe’s rape and Becky having to to testify against her rapist piece of shit brother in court, plus EVERYTHING ELSE, iM struggling to watch. Pls tell me there’s a drinking game for season 13- the end of Next Class.
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2020.09.30 08:38 removalbot 09-30 06:38 - 'Very interesting considering Thomas Jefferson said [John Adams has a] "hideous hermaphroditical character, which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman." / I wonder what c...' by /u/boofone removed from /r/history within 1330-1340min

Very interesting considering Thomas Jefferson said [John Adams has a] "hideous hermaphroditical character, which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman."
I wonder what changed.
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Author: boofone
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2020.09.30 08:35 removalbot 09-30 06:35 - 'Jefferson wrote and allowed others to write lots of bad but false stuff about John Adams so he could be President. / He also rewrote his diaries so he others would think well of him when he was gone. / There are r...' by /u/TheMadIrishman327 removed from /r/history within 1134-1144min

Jefferson wrote and allowed others to write lots of bad but false stuff about John Adams so he could be President.
He also rewrote his diaries so he others would think well of him when he was gone.
There are reasons why the others kept sending him overseas.
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Author: TheMadIrishman327
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2020.09.30 08:26 Furiosamore AITAF has a member of the board and she is a real piece of work.

AITAF has announced Cynthia Stroum as a new board member. Stroum is so vile she makes JT look like an angel. A millionaire neoliberal philanthropist who produced Burn This among other things, she is also a former ambassador to Luxembourg and here is where it gets interesting.
Stroum left her role under a cloud of scandal. She was an appalling leader, aggressive, bullying and intimidating. The embassy and its staff drifted into a state of dysfunction under her control. She also engaged in improper spending. According to the Office of inspector General’s Report of Inspection, things were so bad, staff accepted transfers to Iraq and Kabul just to get away from her.
Who decided this idiot should have a seat on the board and why? So much for Adam being a man of integrity. A nice cushy job for the woman who produced his play. How kind of him. Anyone who donates to this vanity project after this appointment is out of their mind.
Google Stroum and Luxembourg if you don’t believe me. All of the above is on the official record.
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2020.09.30 08:20 Weird_nd_proud TIFU by calling my boyfriend (23M) Kylo Ren and laughing

Sooo my bf already looks like adam driver but with bigger eyes and has been called Kylo Ren and Inigo Montoya multiple times... he doesn't like it btw. Background: Because of quarantine i can't see him except for video calls, also he's working all day so i don't know if he's alive until late at night, and he is the kind of man that says "do you love me?" before saying he did something stupid so; he also has a little farm with goose and chickens and some other animals that i can't remember right now. Back to story, when i asked how was his day at work and everything he did the "do you love me?" so i new something stupid/funny was coming so i asked him what happened. Tuuuuuurns out he was catching some of the chickens to sell them later and one of them escaped and scratched my boyfriends face leaving a mark near his eye (which is dangerous), i asked for a photo and the "scar" looked like Kylo Ren's scar (from Star wars..) so i started laughing hard and said "are you ok Kylo Ren? xdxd" and mentioned tons of reference from Star Wars........ he got mad because his family did the same as i did instead of worrying about the wound. I had to apologized and make sure everything was ok, no infections, no nothing.
TLDR: my boyfriend got a scar near his eye from a chicken and i laughed because he looked like Kylo Ren form Star wars, instead of asking if he was ok
I am new at reddit please don't kill me ;-;
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2020.09.30 08:15 PORKY_01 [Adamant] Bunnelby, M, 9


- Ditto Requested: Adamant
- Pokémon Deposited: Bunnelby
- Nickname: PORKY_01
- Pokeball: Poké Ball
- Gender: Male
- Level: 9
- Home/IGN: Norman
- GTS Message: Please trade Pokemon with me. Thanks in advance.
- Game Version: Sword/Shield
- Game Language: English
- Trainer Description: Hilbert
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2020.09.30 08:10 rozina076 What's the difference between Neshama, Ruach and Nefesh?

Part of why I have trouble keeping three straight is because my Hebrew is not very good. So I read mostly in English where all three are just translated as soul.
I see that nefesh was associated with the blood in Vayikra 17:11. I think this is the kind that both animals and human have, although the animal soul is different than the human.
In Berashit 2:7, Hashem is blowing the neshama into Adam.
I really have no idea how the neshama in 2:7 differs from the ruach in 6:3.
So, can someone help me understand the distinctions here? Does "insoulment" happen at different stages for the neshama, ruach and nefesh? I could see the nefesh as ensouling at the moment of conception or maybe when the fetus have it's own distinct blood which is way before birth. But the neshama seems like it would enter with the first breath outside the womb. No clue on ruach.
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