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Unpopular opinion: I don't think the Yakuza 4 twist is dumb

2020.05.15 06:51 deoclasher88 Unpopular opinion: I don't think the Yakuza 4 twist is dumb

Spoilers obviously
I don't think the Ueno Seiwa hit twist was dumb. Hear me out. This event is to show how mistakes of past actions affects the future which is like a central theme in the game. Examples, Nishiki blowing up the money in Yakuza 1 results in Akiyama getting his life back and Hamazaki's actions at the end of Yakuza 3 leds to him meeting Saejima & triggers his redemption arc.
As you know, the hit was set up by Katsuragi & Sugiuchi. At that time, they are both like Saejima, young & hungry aspiring men to make a name for themselves which means they will do anything to get to the top(hehe) even by doing stupid things. Sugiuchi, the great kyodai/cop that he is thought it was a smart idea to steal bullets that were still developed & not made public yet. Genius. Katsuragi, wow what a brilliant mastermind. Shooting everyone on the head except himself & his boss. Gee, definitely foolproof and the cops will never solve it! As for Saejima, he decided to finish the job alone instead of you know, backing off like any sensible person would when your supposedly trusted partner suspiciously doesn't show up to the job. "Maybe Majima's just sick right? No one would dare sabotage this hit" says Saejima.
Now what are the consequences you ask? Well, it's shown that Sugiuchi immediately got busted by Munakata after exposing him with the rubber bullet wounds & he also didn't buy the fact that Katsuragi & Seiwa were not shot in the head like the others were. This seals Sugiuchi's fate as a mole for the rest of his life which he deeply regretted. Saejima's fate as we saw, he lost 25 years in prison. Katsuragi is the only one who wins from this event and it's only because he was lucky that nobody tried to find out the truth... except there is: Yasuko Saejima, the eventual killer of Katsuragi. So yeah, it all comes full circle.
Now to the inconsistency that everyone keeps pointing out which is the blood in the flashback. I could argue that the so called blood is just the broth of the ramen. If you actually watch the scene again, the colour is really similar to the broth.
I don't have a problem with the whole shootout scene. Even the game itself acknowledges it to be flawed because it was intended to be a flawed plan. If you want to point out dumb Yakuza 4 moments, you should point out the Kamurocho Hills scene. Saejima being a dumbass(again) didn't even bother to get rid of the gun from Katsuragi. Katsuragi who is not wounded due to a bulletproof vest is for some reason scared shitless when this dying woman is approaching him instead of wrestle back to get her gun. Now that's dumb. Or what about the ending? Tanimura decided it would be a good idea to leave the gun near fucking Munakata not once but twice! Now that's fucking dumb. The story is not perfect just like any other Yakuza game
Tldr: The Ueno Seiwa hit plan was intended by the writers to be a flawed plan because the theme of the story is past actions will have effect on the future
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2014.04.07 12:10 mike0dude Yakuza 4 Story Recap (Spoilers)

25 years ago The Tojo Clan and Ueno Seiwa Clan are rivals for control of the Tokyo UnderWorld. The Tojo Clan learning that Yoshiharu Ueno (boss of the ueno seiwa) is going to have a party with his top men at a small ramen shop after his release from jail decide to put a hit on him. They select 2 young promising soldiers from some of their smaller families, Saejima Taiga of the Sasai Family and Majima Goro of the Shimano Family.
On the morning of the Hit Majima is called to a warehouse at the docks by Shibata Kazuo who tells him that Sasai (Saejima's Boss) is a traitor that fed the information about Yoshiharu Ueno to the Tojo so they would try to kill him and start a war, Sasai would then intervene in the conflict and use his Connection in the Ueno Seiwa to make peace and boost his clan up in the Tojo Clan Hierarchy.
Shibata urges Majima to not go and that if he does he will just end up dying for nothing but Majima says he can't betray Saejima because he is his sworn brother so Shibata has his men restrain him which leads to Majima Getting Stabbed in the eye after beating up most of them.
Saejima waiting for Majima to arrive sees Ueno and his men arrive and since this is his only chance to do his job he decides to perform the Hit alone. BUT it turns out the guns he was given were all loaded with newly developed rubber bullets so none of the Ueno Seiwa were killed by Saejima. The whole thing a scheme by Isao Katsuragi , who then proceeds to shoot all the knocked out Ueno Seiwa top brass except Yoshiharu Ueno so he can become the top lieutenant of the Clan.
Katsuragi then has his sworn brother and secret mole in the Tokyo Police force inspector Junji Sugiuchi (also the one that stole the rubber bullets for the hit from the Police Labs) fake a report saying Saejima really did killed the 18 Ueno Seiwa men. BUT Sugiuchi's superior Seishiro Munakata sees right through his botched report and tells him he wants to work with Katsuragi. Munakata then has Sugiuchi murder his partner inspector Tanimura Taigi while he was going to meet Saejima's step Sister Yasuko because he was getting close to uncovering the truth behind the Ueno Seiwa hit, leaving Tanimura's adoptive (learned from substory) 1/4 thai son Masayoshi an orphan to be raised by Zhao(chinese restaurant guy).
Saejima then gets the Death Penalty and is sent to jail to wait for his sentence to be carried out.
5 years ago Kazuma Kiryu is released from jail Saejima is still in jail 10 billion yen are stolen from Tojo Clan Events from Yakuza 1 happen Kiryu Beats the Shit out of The Tojo Clan. Kiryu becomes 4th chairman of the Tojo Clan Money explodes on top of Millennium tower and is sent raining down into kamurocho and a homeless man named Shun Akiyama picks up about 1 million yen from it all. he is later attacked by a group of punks and his money is stolen until a young yakuza named Hiroaki Arai who belongs to Kanemura enterprise (a group under the Shibata Family) comes and saves him. BUT it turns out the money stolen from the Tojo Clan was actually used to fund Okinawa penitentiary n. 2 (Super Jail for yakuzas) and that the money that blew up that night was NOT actually the 10 billion yen! (rewrites). Kiryu steps down from Being the 4th Chairman of the Tojo Clan 2 Years Ago Events from Yakuza 3 Happen Kiryu beats the shit out of all the Top Families of the Tojo Clan AGAIN Goh Hamazaki leader of the Hamazaki Family that was crushed by Kiryu, stabs him and is subsequently sent to jail.
Present day Akiyama is now a billionaire Philanthropist and expert face stomper who owns amongst other things a money lending business (sky finance), lends 100 million yen to A mysterious woman calling herself Lily(Saejima's sister Yasuko). Akiyama has a fight in a bar with 2 men of the Ueno Seiwa Clan (Ihara and Mishima) before Arai arrives and shit goes bad when Ihara pulls out a gun and shoots Arai then escapes, Arai later finds Ihara and shoots him in the face infront of Akiyama then runs away. Akiyama is arrested then questioned by Sugiuchi, then Akiyama meets Majima. Saejima Yasuko trying to get her brother released from jail made a deal with Katsuragi she either worked as an assassin for him going around killing people from the Shibata family or she paid him 100 million Yen. Saejima Taiga is transferred to Okinawa Penitentiary n.2 , there he meets with Goh Hamazaki who makes him take part in his escape plan. During their escape Hamazaki steals a file from the warden's office. Hamazaki and Saejima are just about to complete their escape when Hamazaki is shot several times by one of the prison Guard (Saito is a dirt bag) and they all jump into the Okinawan sea. Saejima washes up on the that's right infront of Kiryu's house(convenient). Kiryu and him have a manly tussle and then Kiryu helps him get to Kamurocho. In Kamurocho, Saejima meets Takeshi Kido who worked for Kanemura enterprises before Yasuko killed his boss. Saejima looks for his old boss (Sasai), but he can't find any traces of him so he has to enter a Fight to the death in Purgatory(underground casino) to get information from Kage the florist. He then goes to meet Majima have a fist vs knife fight in a batting cage. After the fight Majima explains what happened 25 years ago (see above).
Tanimura Masayoshi grew up to be a corrupted cop, still looking for the person who killed his father, he finds Yasuko Saejima but she is kidnapped by the Shibata Family and is taken to the docks. Tanimura goes to save her and there he finds Arai and Shibata Kazuo, we then discover that Shibata was the real traitor that was working with Katsuragi 25 years ago and that he has been blackmailing katsuragi with that information since then. BUT it turns out all this time Arai was really working for Katsuragi, and since Katsuragi didn't need Shibata anymore Arai had to dispose of him, so he murders Shibata as Tanimura watches from behind a door like a true hero. Tanimura then frees Yasuko and they go talk at Zhao's restaurant. Yasuko then tells tanimura about everything she has done to get Saejima out of jail and then decides to leave for okinawa where learned saejima is imprisoned (they don't know he escaped yet). Tanimura uses the 100 million borrowed by Yasuko to try and negotiate with Katsuragi but it turns out to be a trap, Katsuragi then reveals he killed the 18 Ueno men 25 years ago. Tanimura is saved when Sugiuchi arrives, he then escapes by fighting a bunch of dudes using the briefcase full of money. Tanimura goes to look up the files about the Ueno Seiwa men murder his father was investigating 25 years ago at the police HQ he then discovers that the one that did the investigation with his father was Sugiuchi. Tanimura returns the money and talks to Akiyama, he decides to lure out the traitor in the force by meeting with Mishima (guy who was with Ihara before he got shot in the face by Arai) BUT THEN Sugiuchi shows up and Kills Mishima, then other cops show up to arrest Sugiuchi but they can't because he is protected by somebody Important in the Force (Assistant commissioner Munakata) As Sugiuchi is about to leave Tanimura tries to stop him and follows a speed boat chase, then a Sugiuchi fights Tanimura. After losing Sugiuchi reveals that he was actually a yakuza all along and was katsuragi's sworn brother, as he is about to be taken in by Tanimura somebody shoots him and he dies, revealing there is another dirty cop on the force (who turns out to be Tanimura's Friend and Mentor, who commits suicide after lying to his boss about killing both Sugiuchi and Tanimura).
After a couple of days at sea Hamazaki ends up washing up on Kiryu's Beach just like Saejima (what luck!). After being patched up by Kiryu , He ask him to go back to Kamurocho to Help the Tojo Clan revealing he stole a file showing that the 10 Billion Yen stolen from the Tojo clan 5 years ago had really been given to build the Prison he escaped from! But Kiryu says he doesn't want help Hamazaki, unless he want's to turn himself in which Hamazaki decides to do but then they both meet Yasuko Saejima and decide to go talk to her about her first, then Saito comes to catch Hamazaki but Kiryu kicks his ass then escapes with Yasuko, then Hamazaki collapses from his gunshot wounds reopening.
Kiryu goes to Kamurocho with Yasuko to try and find Saejima, he meets up with Date leaving her with him while he goes to meet Majima. Majima is arrested by the Police. Saejima is captured by Katsuragi and its revealed Kido was working for him all along! Kiryu goes back to Yasuko but she ran away with Tanimura and Akiyama. Kiryu Fights Tanimura AND Akiyama. Yasuko is captured by Katsuragi and is taken away with Saejima.
Now you are up to date with everything that has happened in the Story. You can post questions if you want. sorry about the typos.
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